Graduation Ceremony and Transition Activity

Each year our center has a Graduation Cerermony in honor of our prescool and elementary Graduates.  We have this special event at the prestigious Goodlet theater

At this event, the children do presentations for the parents such as dance, drama and chorus.

They then receive their diploma as we celebrate the achievements of the children and wish them luck as they step into the statutory education phase.  Every year we do an annual transition activity were VPK and Kindergarten children along with their parents, have the opportunity to get to know their future classroom, the program and the teacher.

Cultural Celebration

On the month of October we celebrate our Hispanic Heritage.  During the celebration, children learn about different cultures, taste dishes from around the world, learn about diverse music, games, stories, and traditions in order to know more about other cultures and be proud of it.



We celebrate the Holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  During Easter celebration the Easter bunny visits the center and an egg hunt takes place in our playground.  During Christmas celebration, Santa Clause visit the center and all children get to open a present.  In these activities parents are actively involved.


Other Events

Throughout the year, we have many other enriching events for the children to enjoy, including excursions, performances and birthday parties.  Parents and family members are invited to some of the event while others are just for the students. Some of our fieldtrips include; water parks, Amelia Park, McDonald’s, Zoo, library, museums, and many other interesting places.

We focus on parent participation.  We recognize parents as a child’s “first teacher” and we work to equip My Happy House parents with support services that add stability to the family unit, while also helping parents to effectively reinforce the literacy-building skills developed in school.  We do literary events that last a whole month. We encourage reading among children by inviting parents to choose a day to come to their child’s classroom and read a story book.

My Happy House takes children’s safety and health seriously that is why once a year we invite community helpers, such as police officers, firefighters, dentists, to talk to the children about safety, how to say NO to strangers etc.

Carlos Suarez, director assistant, believes that children often lack the skills to protect themselves and that it is our responsibility as adults to safeguard children and to teach them the skills to be safe.  He teaches lessons designed to help children learn how to protect themselves from injuries, basic first aid, the use of 911, etc.

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