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My Happy House Learning Center,
A+ Private Elementary Schools in Hialeah

Our Outstanding (K – 6TH grade) Elementary Program

Our extensive research and understanding of the role of education support our intentions of offering the best elementary education to all children in the area of Miami Dade. Our classes are given in a holistic environment where all fields of knowledge are integrated.  This educational style will give each child the opportunity to actively use their experiences and knowledge in their daily lives.

When it comes to early learning the quality of education is crucial.  We believe each child is capable of educational excellence and personal growth. This is why our certified highly trained teachers are committed to loving kids, speaking life, and providing a flexible differentiated education that provokes inquiry, active learning, collaboration, and problem solving skills.

Our classrooms have a small teacher- student ratio. All classroom have few students given them the opportunity to get more personalized attention from teachers, appreciation and respect for their culture, and the opportunity to create better bounds with other students. The program follows the Dade County Public School Calendar and provides a free nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack.


Tutoring and Therapies:

In order for each child in our program to succeed, our school offer free, qualified one on one tutoring to those children in need of more practice.

In addition speech, occupational and physical therapist are welcome to our program to provide therapy for those children identified as needing intervention.


ABEKA Curriculum, offering our students the world

Our Elementary School uses the Christian based Curriculum which offers performance proven programs in Bible, reading, writing, math, science, history, and geography. ABEKA curriculum guarantee outstanding outcomes in children’s intellectual, moral, and spiritual live.

Intellectual Outcomes: Teaching from a practical, traditional approach will develop children intellectually.  They will be able to demonstrate appropriate grade level knowledge aligned with our scope and sequence, achieve or exceed grade level scores on nationally normed standardized testing and pursue a college program of study.

Moral Outcomes: Through traditional teaching designed to help instill good character and by meeting program expectation, students will be able to display personal integrity in their everyday lives and discern right from wrong.

Spiritual Outcome: Because of daily Bible instruction and use of a Christian curriculum, children will develop a love and respect for God, their parents and people in general.



Our Elementary school program is enhanced with Library time, cooking activities, outdoor play, fieldtrips, special parties and programs in collaboration with the Police Department, Fire Department, and other valuable departments of our community. Specialty teachers also provide art, music: guitar/piano, ballet, language: Spanish/French, and physical education.

Stanford Achievement Test or SAT 10

The SAT or Stanford Achievement Test is a nationally recognized exam.  The test is used to provide achievement scores for the students, teachers, and parents to better understand how well students perform in Language, Art, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Sciences.

We successfully prepared our children to excel on the statewide SAT 10 by motivating the children to think, create, reason, and recreate as they engage in the process of learning.

Smart Boards

Smart boards are an essential tool in our classroom transforming a typical environment into a fun learning environment.  All of our classrooms are equipped with smart boards.  Smart boards are an amazing and interactive technology that not only enhances the way teachers teach, but it also enhances the way students learn. Smart Boards provides students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. The touchscreen option allows teachers to run programs with the tap of their finger.  It makes it not only easy to navigate for the teacher, but also for the students as well.

Studies have shown that using smart technology in the classroom has proven success rates; it rises test scores, improves student learning, enhances literacy, boosts attentiveness, and increases comprehension.

APPLE Accreditation

Our center is accredited by APPLE or (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment. APPLE is one of the larges accrediting agency for early learning centers.  In Florida APPLE is recognized and accepted as one of Florida’s Gold Seal Quality Care programs.

Step Up for Students

Our school accepts step up for student programs, therefore your child may be eligible to come to our school and receive an outstanding education for free.  Step Up for Students is an income based scholarship offer to students in grades K to 12.  The scholarships are based on financial need regardless how well the child does in school.  Families get financial assistance toward private school tuition and fees.