Infant Program

Our infant program offers loving, nurturing caregivers who truly care about your child’s needs.  We take care of your child while nurturing their growth and development.  We pay special attention to the environment introducing babies to healthy, social and emotional interactions, language acquisition, and body awareness and motor development.

Our routine is well balanced considering the different needs of an infant including: feeding times, playing time, naps, and individual hygiene necessities.




 Toddler Program

Our toddler program offers a flexible schedule to accommodate children changing needs.  Everyday children are exposed to activities promoting voluntary participation, in group participation and teacher-directed activities.  Children are allowed to explore the world around them inside and outside the classroom.  We offer a nurturing environment where there is growth, learning and plenty of time for cuddles.


Preschool Program

Our preschool program offers a flexible schedule to accommodate children changing needs. Our dedicated staff encourages social emotional development through interaction and play.  Our activities are oriented to facilitate sensorial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive and language development. Our rooms includes age appropriate learning resources that encourage active learning and stimulates children’s curiosity.



After School Programs

Our after school program offers opportunities for active play, indoor/outdoor games and a healthy snack before settling do to homework and other enrichment activities.  Frequently self-directed and self-selected activities.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp program is designed to offer children fun educational activities as they explore the world around them.  Field trips are an important part of the program and include trips to the Children Museum, Water Parks, and Movie Theaters.  In addition, every week children have the opportunity to expand their creativity as they explore different themes such as crazy hat day, backward day, and paint party day.

My Happy House and our programs are a 4 Star Quality Counts center sponsored by The Early Learning Coalition and The Children’s Trust and we are accredited under the prestigious program the APPLE.


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United Way Building

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Miami, FL 33129

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